More About Me

As Manager of The Address in Newport Beach, Kary Lindgren is focused on building a strong motivated team of agents and creating a culture of excellence to serve their clients best. A real estate veteran for 30+ years, he strives to lead by example, support the needs of his agents, and help build their business to success.

Real estate has always been a passion for Kary, who used to draw homes back in junior high school. He understands the elements and complexities of building a home, and what the word ‘home’ really means to people, which is why he excelled in the world of brokerage. So much so, that he sold 10 homes in 24 hours back in 2006 when the market was hot!

Though really, Kary loves being part of something bigger than himself. His goal is to serve his community, the people around him, foster excellence in every aspect of his field, and have fun doing it, above all. Kary still sells real estate while he oversees all operations of the Newport Beach branch. “My past experience has served me with a treasure chest of knowledge that I pass along to both agents and clients alike.”

Other highlights of Kary’s background include selling B2B for a metal finishing company, owning a full-service car wash with 60 employees, owning/operating a property management company, and being a landlord/owner of up to 500 units. Being enterprising, in the sales and service business, has long been his forte.

Originally from the frozen tundra of Minneapolis, MN, Kary spent five years at a private college, Augsburg, in Minneapolis studying business management. He resides in Long Beach, CA, and is a member of the Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce and the Elks Lodge. His favorite hobby is yachting. “If it has to do with water, I’m there!”